Sunday, May 07, 2006

The last supper

Sunday night tradition: a meal at our house with all family members who can make it. From the right anti-clockwise:
Tanneke, Shoko, Bas, Renee, Imogen,
Daan(takes the photo), Andrew, Lieke and Renne.
Tim, Leah and Montana are missing.
We are a big sad to realise that today is our last meal together in this house, the home where we have lived for 22 years!

Ah yes...."the last supper". Mum, I'm sure I can speak from all the kids (and partners) when I say we're going to miss your home cooking!
Looks like a hungry bunch. I still need email addresses and home addresses form everyone!! We will have to stay in touch while those old folks are going on their "walk about".
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