Monday, June 12, 2006


The plane from Perth to Hong Kong was half empty on Saturday 10.6.06; Coosje had taken us to the airport, which was very nice of her.
In Hong Kong we met Edith who stayed with us 5 years ago and who has been writing emails often to keep in touch. We found a nice restaurant and had a chance to catch up with her. Huge TV screens showed the game between England and Paragui. The next plane left at midnight and it was full to the last seat due to last minute soccer enthusiasts. We are now at Addy and Willem's house. They came to the airport at 6 am on Sunday morning and took us to their home in de Bilt. The weather was glorious, 30 degrees and sun, we cannot remember a similar day in Holland over the last 20 years. Soon my mother will arrive to take us to Apeldoorn and then the day after we will collect Tanneke's brother's campervan and the Europe trip will start for real.
I have tried to upload some pictures but it did not work yet. More later. Renne.

een beetje te warm voor Nederland. you were already sleeping when Addy called us yesterday. Where are you going in the next few weeks? Saw the Dutch game on tv over here...not too impressed. Say hello to Mother from us.
Why didn't you drive overland from Hong Kong like a real Landcruiser owner.... :-)

Enjoy your travels - need pictures.

Hi, Renne& Tanneke!
Japan was beaten by Australia in the World Cup soccer!!! I feel so disappointed...Bas is so happy about that! Mmm...HAHA! Dutch game was nice!

Enjoy your trip and take care.

Love, Shoko

Glad to hear you arrived safely! like Tim says - would love to see piccies :)

Take care,
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