Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't you love innovative people? Here is a man selling icecream with squeezed lemons in a huge lemon on a trailer, at the most scenic place you can find. Tourist buses pass every few minutes and people are stopping for the view. On the right Sandy, Nicola and Tanneke. The weather has been hot and very humid at places. We hear that all over Europe older people are dying from the excessive heat.
"Our" campervan is doing well, with windows wide open we keep the breeze going. Nicola is a man with many talents and managed to help with several repairs we had on the way. One of the three batteries died with a dead cell on the autostrada; we were able to change it later with a bit of good luck finding the right size and being able to fit it ourselves. We also tackled and fixed a persistent problem with the 12 volt system that operates the electric waterpump and the inside lights. Apart from an earlier wheel alignment problem, which was fixed with the help of former language student Roman in Switzerland, we have had a good run. We can drive around 600 km on a 70 liter tank, a bit depending on the size of the mountains.

lemonade for an Australian? I thought that you guys only drank FOSTERS?
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