Friday, July 14, 2006

Hermann and Marlis (language student staying with us a few years ago) took us to Shaffhausen, north of Zurich and showed us the amazing Rheinfall; it may not be as high as some other falls, but it is truly impressive with a waterflow of 1,000 m3 per second and more at times. The sheer power of the water, Europe's main supplier of water and transport, is quite staggering and we were surprised that we had never heard about it.
Where-ever we meet friends, we are overloaded with hospitality and not everyone may want to be put on the web,
so we try to make a selection without spending days to upload pictures and stories. Posting these is very time consuming and sometimes also complicated.
Many keyboards are different and computers do not always have the necessary program to download pictures; internet cafes are often hard to find.
We keep a complete diary for ourselves to revisit later on when we are back in Oz.

What is this? A honeymoon in Switzerland? Those Alps must be thawing out pretty fast.
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