Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How are we camping? There is room for 5 to sleep inside. We generally find a camping place that allows for motorhomes. The 220V will keep the fridge going and recharges many batteries.
We also have a toilet on board. All windows can open with flyscreen or shade. There is a tank with 70 liters of fresh water, an electric pump and another tank for the waste water. The cooker runs on gas, as does the heater (!) and a hotwater system. Sometimes we find a nice spot along the road and we stay overnight right there, but we are cautious about this with some horror stories in mind. The car has a maximum speed of 100 km/h, so we have to mix it with lots of trucks on the autostrada. Some campings are really fancy with shade cloth, as in this picture, but spots are rather cramped. Showers and washing machines are usually provided as are toilets with a varying degree of cleanliness. Internet is generally hard to find unless there is a university nearby or a place specific for backpackers. In Palermo we found one internet cafe with 45 computers, all on broadband. Cost vary from 1 euro per half hour and upwards. International telephone cards are our home lifeline, apart from SMS on my mobile. Sandy found us one which gives us 6 hours of talking at the cost of 10 euros, about 16 A$!

The only question is: is this camper getting too small for you yet?
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