Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What is happening at the home front? It seems everyone is well and the garage continues to help lots of people. Gavin reported that he has now two qualified mechanics and one apprentice and that the first stage environmental drilling has been carried out. I phoned the person in charge this morning and found out that the first lab test results are out and that they will be presented to the property managers in a day or so. I understand that there were no serious contaminants found which gives us hope that the whole papertrail can now be completed regarding the handing over of the lease and the sale of the business.
On a more personal score, I can report that my plumbing problems are slowly on the mend so that in the not so far future I hope that my movements are not totally dictated by the location of toilets any more. Sitting around doing nothing certainly helps as well! Evening walks are still a bit of a problem. Our next report will be from the Netherlands. Tomorrow we will drive north, via Switzerland and Liechtenstein direction Germany with my mother's home in Apeldoorn our first call.

Glad to hear that everything is doing home, in Europe and personal. I am enjoying your blog.
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