Friday, September 22, 2006

On these pictures we see
*Kyla and her father entering the church (anno 1200) in Salisbury,
*Warren and Kyla leaving the church after the ceremony,
*cutting the cake at the reception afterwards,
*"our" campervan and the lack of space on the English roads....,
*the white cliffs of Dover,
*a funny sign near the harbour in Folkestone (who wants to jump in a harbour without water??-it was low tide!) and
*the way we were sightseeing in Bath, a city north of Salisbury originally built by the Romans.

Good news: my mother is doing very well and is allowed to "go out" for walks or visiting friends. Meanwhile Addy has organised to paint the walls and ceilings of her flat so that she can soon go back to her "new home".

What a nice wedding :D
So, did you try to jump into the harbour? lol.
looks like the "wad" near Groningen.
Looks like a wonderful wedding. Hope that you did not drink too much.
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