Thursday, September 28, 2006

Zandvoort aan de zee, long time memories on a sunny day.
We still can't get enough of meeting old friends and seeing beautiful places, although much has changed of course.
More good news with Oma de Waard going home this Sunday. She could stay with Addy and Willem since she left hospital.

Did you take this picture 20 years ago? You two are looking pretty good for being so old!!
Yeah you are both looking very relaxed :P
Stonehenge looks awesome... I want to Boulder it :P
Love the photo at the "beach"! You both look healthy and happy, cant wait to see you back in Perth. I miss you lots. xxx
You both look sooooooo happy :D
I'm looking forward to seeing you 2 again on October!!!
Lots of love :)
Have to agree with klaas and daan's comments.

I've just returned from a week exploring south east of Norseman in WA, and there were many trees across the tracks, a few camels and not much else - your holiday is different to mine! :-)

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