Monday, November 13, 2006

Waiting for papers

It is getting warmer now and we are wondering if our trip through the desert, direction Uluru, is going to be a risk due to high temperatures and the long distance (1000 km of only nature), meaning we may follow the south coast and go to Tasmania first.
We are waiting for one more letter regarding the permit to use the degreasing facility of the garage and then I can expect an offer for a new 10 year lease.

Our planned departure date is now December 12th, 2006.

There are still things to do like securing the new fridge in the car and sorting out boxes with goods and tools that we want to take with us.
I have signed up for a weekend "all terrain" training, that is one day sand and one day rocks, with the trailer. These people are highly experienced and I just want to get to know the car and what it can and cannot do. It will also be a useful time to run through tools and equipment and to get familiar with the HF radio.
We have a total of 110 liters of water and probably 185 liter diesel on board. It is the old dilemma: take too much gear and you will get bogged or break down due to the excessive weight; take too little and you won't be able to get yourself out of trouble when something goes wrong.
We have bought a booklet "Australian Bush Survival Skills" which is fascinating reading. It tells you how you can weld with car batteries, how to make drinking water from sea water, bush tucker (food) and -in emergencies- how to catch animals and fish when you are desperate. We are very much aware that the dangers of the Australian bush are not to be underestimated, common sense and good preparation are critical.
Meanwhile Bas is already working hard in Norway, Renee is packing and getting ready to join him early in December. Then Lieke and Andrew will go to Sydney for 3 weeks. Tim, Leah and Montana will be in Perth a few days before we leave (that is why we stay a bit longer) and then Shoko will go back to Japan two days later. We will miss her, she is such a nice person.
After the weekend I hope to post a few more pictures.

Is this what you call a "walk about"?? The Australian wanderers! Makes me feel like I am stuck in one place. But I am happy with that.
Hi Rene,

Heading off across the bottom to Tassie is a good idea as a shakedown leading up to the heat, as is doing the course. All these things give knowledge which leads to confidence and then saves 150kgs in extra gear :-)

Most Landcruisers weigh close to 4 tonnes when loaded up and travelling, greatly exceeding their specifications, but still manage to hold together.

As you say, don't underestimate the country, apply common sense and prepare well and it will be a fantastic trip.

Whisky 4486
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