Monday, January 01, 2007

Crossing some very lonely places

The manufacturer of our trailer claims that it will go where the car goes; here is an example of the extreme offroad swivel hitch capabilities, not a scrape or groan!
We were thinking of Renee and Bas in Namibia when we came across these dunes, not far from Lake Eyre. Kangaroos and camels complete the picture, but you have to click on it to enlarge it and find some....

What about the piece of space junk that came down near Balladonia? It is now mounted on the roof of the road house (a replica, NASA took the original in a hurry and did not give it back); so much for foreign junk being dumped in Australia........

Renne always liked to play in the sandbox!!! Happy New Year. Don't get stuck in the mud. That poor truck is going to be all worn out by the end of this year.
Lieve Annelies en Renne,
De allerbeste wensen voor 2007!!!
Maak nog maar veel mooie foto's en geniet van jullie reis.
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