Saturday, January 27, 2007

Montana 1 year old/ improvements to the car

Montana had a huge birthday party and Tim and Leah went out of their way to make something special out of it. Lieke sent us this picture. We also saw pictures of a "mechanical bull" set up in the street and Montana riding it with one of Tim's friends. He was dancing to the music most of the day...!

It is great how we keep in touch with text messages and email.

Tanneke was not happy with the "1.5" seat on the left; officially made for two people, it has gained a reputation of being uncomfortable for the left person, who virtually sits on the seatbelt buckle and tends to slide off towards the door and the centre person who has no room at all. So off we went to the wreckers and swopped the seat for a decent (one) person seat and got the centre console with it. The luggage in the back was also not ideal with three large boxes and heavy tools secured with a seat belt and a fishing net. I found a company near Adelaide and they made a double drawer unit which was freighted to a depot in Melbourne. One drawer now holds all the tools and only the table and chairs will sit on the top with a fishnet securing them. The added bonus is that the drawers can only be opened when the doors are unlocked and even the drawers have a HD lock on them. It is all made from marine plywood and proper bearings, all surfaces are carpeted and on the sides are more storage areas with lids. The back seat will still fit in the car when we return (after removal of the fridge of course).
We will board the ferry to Tasmania tomorrow morning (Sunday) and it may be a while before we have another opportunity to upload photos.

makes you wonder how you made this trip years ago with 4 children. The truck is starting to look like your new home on wheels! Are you sure that you want to build a house???
Hiep, hiep, hoera, Monthy 1 jaar!!
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