Saturday, January 27, 2007

Staying with Father David/ Melbourne/tennis

Here is another shot of one of the huge wind generators in South Australia.

Mount Shank, just south of Mr.Gambier is another volcano but this one has lost its water for a while.

Father David, whom we know from Lesotho (he worked there for more than 30 years) runs the St.Michael's Priory at Diggers Rest, half an hour's drive NW of Melbourne. Nearby we see "zebra" cows, only one stripe.....
We spent one day in Melbourne and I was lucky to obtain a centre court ticket for the match between Serina Williams and Peer, the Israeli girl. Then Andy Roddick and Marty Fish played. It was awsome to be amongst the cheering and very rowdy crowd and sit about three metres from the court; how I got that ticket is another story..... because everything is sold out. You can still get a general pass which will give you access to the grounds and all the other courts.

I knew that you could not stay away from cows!! Should have become a farmer after all. Always nice to see old friends.
Lieve Annelies en Renne,

Wat zien jullie er, op de foto met father David, goed uit!

Die "zebra"-koeien worden in Nederland lakenvelders genoemd.
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