Saturday, January 06, 2007

We bring rain to Meningie (Lake Albert)

The people of Coober Pedy (maximum 57 degrees!) live mostly underground, including a church, complete houses, swimming pool and camping. They are not allowed to do more mining in the town, but within your area, you can add more rooms (particularly if you find more opals...).

When you travel through a remote area and find two airplanes mounted vertically, what would you think?

The owner of the property checks out two uninvited visitors hiding in the bush. Her name is Kaeli and she is 15. Tanneke found some carrots and the horse is happy. Kaeli's family runs sheep and their neighbours are 15 km away. The total area of their farm is 40,000 hectares, about 1000 times more than our original farm in Groningen.
The Northern Flinders Ranges is a geologist's paradise because the earth is tilted and raised and shows history of the last 560 million years on the surface. You can actually drive for 10 km and cross 80 million years......It makes us realise how insignificant we actually are.

sounds like you are in a time warp: 10 miles crossing 80 million years. Must be Star Trek: "Scotty beam me up".
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