Saturday, January 06, 2007

We visit the Coorong

Kingoonya has 4 inhabitants, one family of 3 and one old man living by himself. The pub/motel/restaurant is open 7 days a week and they make a terrific meal. Never judge a place from just the outside! Colin and his wife and kids bought the place 6 months ago and hope that changes to the roads will bring them more business.

At Wilpena we camp next to a hill with kangaroos and beautiful views.

Another beautiful camping (started in 1946) in the centre of Adelaide allows us to take their last spot (school holidays, everything is full). The caravan next to us has airconditioning and it is quite noisy. That evening we spotted two possums, one with a baby. They run straight up the tree and then jump on the caravan's roof to drink from the water dripping out of the aircon unit, waking the owners......hehe. In the morning we hear the monkeys in the zoo next door.

We are now in the Coorong, the waterways at the mouth of the Murray River. There are 200 different bird species, many of which make a yearly return journey to northern Alaska. The main lagoon is 140 km long and only 4 km wide. The name comes from the Aboriginal word Kyrangh, which means "the long neck". They have not had rain here since April 2006, so they have welcomed us, the rain makers. We are the first of a whole lot of campers who suddenly decide to use the Lake Albert Motel. I am trying to get a second night free if we can produce another day of rain, but the clouds are clearing this morning.

Must be that Dutch touch to create rain.
Hi Renne and Tanneke
Seems like you're having lots of fun. Are you still scheduled to pass through Melbourne in a couple of weeks? I'd love to catch up with you there
Michele One "L"
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