Monday, February 19, 2007

Scottsdale, Tasmania

Just a quick update. To all our kids: the Bay of Fires is still a magic place, even when the lagoon was almost dry and not very clean, the beach and the sea were just as wonderful as in 1990. But "our" spot is now for tents only and there are lots more bays and beaches with a sealed road along the coast and many more tents/caravans/trailers. We camped two nights about 200 m further north, also a great place.
BTW, we heard from Jude Maskew that "zuurpruim" left his home horizontally by ambulance on Australia Day and has not been seen since, presumed to be dead.... Thought you might want to know.
Bernie and Jude have been so nice to check out Danmar Homes and the report is mostly negative to the tune of us wanting another builder/quote from D&C or otherwise it is goodbye and we will start again, but probably later this year (July/August) when hopefully the mad building rush has gone a bit. We may look for a rental place in the area for the time being, we will see.
We are now in Scottsdale and will head west, via Cradle Mountain, to the very NW corner of Tasmania. Weather has been fine, warm but lots of march flies (marsh flies?), you know the sneaky ones that attack from behind and then take three seconds before they use their needle.
More stories and pictures soon, we hope.

sneaky flies and heat...send some over here. snow and ice and freezing weather now for 3 weeks straight. Het is Addy's verjaardag deze week! Have fun traveling.
Hey guys, please send the nice weather. Here in Cologne it is raining since ever :-(
But keep the march flies! I hate these sneaky hurts so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun and keep your blog updated as we love to read it. Take care, Danni & Wouter
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