Thursday, March 01, 2007

NW and N of Tasmania

When driving over the Elephants Pass near St.Marys, we have to stop for a taste at the famous pancake house and find an interesting sign:

The Bay of Fires, on the NE coast, it was a little paradise when we visited Tasmania in 1990 with the kids. The sea, the dunes and the lagoon, we stayed then for a whole week and there were no other campers in sight. Now the lagoon was very low and dirty due to lack of water. The road is bitumen now and there were lots of campers. We camped at the next beach for two nights.

wonderful pictures and descriptions. you should look into becoming a biological history teacher.
Thanks Klaas,

Just want to make sure that the story is not too boring or that the same info is available in the tourist offices...
How long will you two be staying in Europe?
Only the Netherlands, I suppose?

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