Saturday, March 24, 2007

Orange, NSW

Going back (finally a computer that can upload the pictures) to the Snowy Hydro Scheme with one of the huge generating stations; this one can feed 5 high voltage 3- phase power lines, which connect to the grids of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. But only 2 generators were working when we visited due to lack of water.

Many trees in the burned forest survive and regeneration occurs in many different ways; here we see many green shoots coming out of the bark (enlarge photo by clicking on it).

Just west of Canberra we found several farms that were reduced to dust; here are over 1000 sheep surviving only on the feed the farmer supplies. When we stopped the car to look, many came running thinking that the diesel sound of the Landcruiser meant food was going to arrive...
It was very sad to see but "the rain makers" that we have been ever since we left Perth, it took only another 24 hours and several showers arrived which must have meant heaven to the sheep and the farmers as well!

At one of the highest spots just into NSW on the Barry Way; the scenery is not nice with all the burned forest, but nature is restoring itself slowly.

The kids will remember this spot in Jyndabine, right next to the lake; only this time it was nice and warm!

The Carcoar Dam near Blainey turned out to be a beautiful spot with free overnight, rain water tanks, (cold) showers and decent toilets; we found this spot with a million dollar view. The water in the dam was less than 20%, even after recent rain. Te lake is also used for rowing, but due to the low level there were warnings of bacteria and swimming was banned. The water is used for irrigation and we were surprised to see so much green with cattle and sheep.

Nice pictures; especially that one of those 2 'around 60' people on their 'walkabout'!!
Nice to see your photos of your stop at Carcoar Dam! I belong to the sailing club there... all we need now is for the water to fill up again. The level is sadly at only 9% capacity at the moment. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay there. It's a lovely spot.
Mal :)
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