Friday, March 16, 2007

Through the Snowy Mountains

Hmm, an unstable rock wall on the right and 500 m down on the left, no guard rail, no bitumen, no room to pass another vehicle and steep enough for first gear...., this road caused some concern; good thing it was not raining! A 4-WD coming from the top was so nice to reverse and crawl against the rock face on the wrong side of the road, so that we could pass over the edge........

Up and down for hours and hours, some very lonely places and then the signs such as: Ha Ha Creek or Seldom Seen Creek.

"The fires were so intense that a thunderstorm formed above the rising column of heat; the clouds known as pyrocumulus generated lightning which reportedly started 5 new fires near the Victorian border; the fire was like a tornado (30.1.03). Two fires were pushed together and the rising heat became a massive, unstable air column with gale force winds burning 100,000 ha in one day".
We have driven through burned forests for days on end; it is very sad to see all these trees destroyed, but somehow nature recovers and we can see new green appearing from underneath the bark. Some of the trees that died are now cut and transported on log trucks on a massive scale, with trucks coming from Queensland to rush the timber to the mills before they turn "blue" and become useless for furniture or chipping.

Despite the fires and drought, this tree is still showing flowers. We are near the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme area, which included opening new roads to an otherwise inaccessible region (NSW).

Oi, what happened to the car and trailer? No worries, we were camped next to a creek and it was great to hear the water
rushing over the rocks at night. Only two other campers were nearby. Thanks to the off-road capabilities we were able to get so close to the water, which came from a natural spring further up.

I camped once next to running made me go to the bathroom the whole night.
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