Sunday, May 27, 2007

Planes; Reef; Bowen ("Australia") movie in the making

Another shot of the reef.
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman had altered the town of Bowen beyond recognition. Bowen was the most suitable place in Australia to make it look like Darwin in the war, due to the jetty still being like some 63 years ago; all they had to do was change names of buildings, fit different street lights,
throw heaps of mud on the bitumen, build a new hotel and gather about 800 head of cattle from around Australia to put in newly built enclosures. The movie will show the bombing of the town by the Japanese and we were told that the hotel will go up in flames.

While staying at a caravan park near Airlie Beach, I discovered the airstrip next-door (could hardly miss it with all the noise). The red ultralight was for sale ($15.000 o.n.o.), heaps of water planes and then a 1931? Tigermoth, painted in dark colours, also for tourist flights. Hmmmmmm.

planes and planes....are you buying one to go around the world? Could be more fun than building a house in Perth! Then you can visit your poor brother in the US.
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