Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Queensland, Brisbane

Just arrived in Brisbane, staying with Kate Walpole, behind the camper is the house she shares with a friend (no, we did not camp on the street..).
After visiting two more national parks on the Queensland side of the border with NSW, we stayed with Kate Walpole for the Labour Day long weekend. One afternoon we drove south and visited Peter Schuiringa, his wife Cathy and daughter Sarah (their son Patrick was diving in W.Australia). 17 years had passed since we last met and we had a great time. Peter used to live on the farm "next-door" in Kommerzijl where we went to primary school.

These parasitic vines have surrounded a large tree and will eventually kill it and then survive on their own. The picture is taken near Natural Bridge, which is a waterfall through a hole in a huge rock. We visited Springbrook National Park and later we drove to Binna Burra in the Lamington National Park, before driving further north- west to Beaudesert.

Kate and Tanneke go for a walk near the Story Bridge in Brisbane, early Saturday morning.


Surprised how Peter Schuiringa looks like his Father. Keep up the wonderful pictures.
Wat een prachtige foto van die waterval!
In No Hurry .... mate.
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