Friday, June 01, 2007

Cooktown, Bloomfield Track

We are now going to be out of range for a while, could be up to 3 weeks, until we reach Alice Springs, although we should be able to read email now and then.

The Bloomfield track between Cape Tribulation and Cooktown had extremely steep sections (low range, 1st gear) plus mud, fallen trees, gullies and 8 creeks, two of which were deeper than we liked. But all went well with an average speed of 25 km/h over 4 hours.

Tanneke is showing the real hazard of falling coconuts, they can weigh more than 2 kg and when they fall 12 meters, it hurts!

At Cape Tribulation we ran into this Cassowary, looks like a giant turkey with very strong legs and beautiful colours. They are becoming very rare and we were lucky to spot this one.

From Cape Tribulation northwards, the track becomes strictly 4WD.

This ferry should still look familiar to our kids, when we crossed the same Daintree river in 1990. The other picture is taken on the beach of Port Douglas, a place even more glamorous than in 1990. The die hard sun bakers are still around although swimming is a serious risk with deadly stingers, crocks and sharks.

Once again we see the aftermath of some serious accidents, whereby foreigners forget that we are all driving on the wrong side of the road here.....

Yay! I get to comment first :p
It's 5th of June today here in Japan...Happy birthday Renne!!
I wish I could be there to celebrate you :(

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing wonderful pictures :) I haven't noticed Tanneke is under the coconuts trees ^0^ !

Have a great day!
sorry I'm not really sure if today is your B.D tho... :S
Hiep, hiep, hoera!!!
Een mooi jaar toegewenst, Renne.

Gekke vogel trouwens, wat een kalkoen onderaan z'n kin heeft hangen, heeft dit dier bovenop zijn kop.

Veel liefs voor jullie allebei.
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